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Keep it simple. I’ve learned that this approach works for most things in life. This isn’t to say that I simply take a passive role and wait for something interesting to happen. On the contrary – I do my homework. I scout locations and see what the light is doing at certain times of the day. I attend rehearsals – to meet people, to know what to expect, to plan vantage points and choreograph my movements. It’s important to know how long it takes to go from one location to the next. To be aware of possible interruptions or delays in travel. If I do my homework, I’m pretty certain the wedding day will run smoothly. I’m calm and relaxed. If I’m doing it right, I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking that what I do is easy.
When it comes to posing, I’m in the same boat as a lot of people, in that I don’t care for the posed look. And by that I mean the old department store poses. You know what I mean, right? My approach comes from a cinematic point of view; like a moment caught on a single frame of motion picture film. The pose should never look as though the photographer was even there. I like to direct my couples through story, and allow their actions to naturally present themselves to me. I am also aware that most people, myself included, are very uncomfortable in front of a camera. I find that if I demonstrate an action rather than just suggest what to do, the result is more natural, and thus, more pleasing.